The World Famous Cronut

The cronut; a mix breed pastry born from a doughnut and croissant. I am sure most of you know this by now, but did you know that the original cronut is bought and sold in New York City at one specific store tucked away in Soho? To me this was unknown until I moved to the east coast.  I remember when I first heard about the cronut I immediately thought where can I get my hands on one of those?!  And so the hunt began!

To this point in my life I had only experienced the cronut at fast food places like Jack in Box and Dunkin Donuts. My experience was less than thrilling, they were tough and very chewy, and not what I expected from a croissant mixed with a doughnut to be. I was picturing something a little more light and fluffy. I did appreciate the fact that Dunkin Donut’s cronut copy was filled with a creamy mixture.

So here I am here waiting outside in line with my friend, that went surprisingly fast, just picturing the cronut in my mind and how it will taste and feel (I am a big texture person) and my mouth literally begins to water! We get inside, a little dazed and confused, [because we had to get up at 4:30 am to catch an early train into the city (can you tell how dedicated we were) and they handed us a fake baguette to hold, weird, but interesting] the smells and the sights were so delightful and comforting to us coffee addicts at 7 am. They had much more than cronuts, they also had confectioneries from around the world, like this little chocolate hedgehog thing, coffee, and light meals.

DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERYさんのインスタグラム写真 - 「Our little chocolate hedgehog from @dabjapan was a nod to the hedgehog cafes in Tokyo (#regram 📸 by @parischezsharon) #harinezumi」12月6日 2時54分

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Now we are in the front of the line and I get to order my cronut, their flavor was sweet potato cream, I was so excited, but extremely exhausted, so I got a cafe latté to go with it because Lord knows I needed it to be a polite city walker that day. After we both get our confectionery delights and coffee, we head to the subway to go back to Time Square and get in line to get our discounted tickets to Broadway for a matinee show, this is where we partook in our breakfast.

First off, their coffee was good. It was rich and smooth and the milk foam on top was thick and delicious (milk foam is my favorite part of a latté). It was just what I needed to kick off my morning. Now time for the cronut, it was so delicious! It was just how I pictured a cronut would taste and feel. It was very much a texture of a croissant, light, fluffy, and slightly chewy, but crunchy and crisp on the outside. The cronut itself was super sweet like a doughnut and the frosting was really sweet too. If it was just these two things it would have been too sweet, but the filling was a great equalizer. It was not really sweet and it brought a nice smooth creamy texture.

Overall I totally recommend going into NYC early and snagging a cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery  , because it is totally worth your time. He also has locations in L.A., London, and Tokyo. As a bonus to those who don’t like to wait, a nice feature they have is pre-ordering, so if you know you are going to be tight on time you can just pre-order, skip the line, get your order and go! As a side note, their service was also very amazing, they were light hearted and seemed genuinely happy to serve every costumer.



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  1. Carey Bentley says:

    Super cute!


  2. The Cronut sounds delicious!


    1. It really is, I didn’t know what I was missing! I definitely prefer it over a doughnut now.

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